Tips for Choosing Paint Colors for Dulux and Catylac Homes

In the world of property, in recent years minimalist homes have become one of the most booming home designs. Apart from being able to maximize land and limited budget, this minimalist home design is also increasingly attractive with its modern and artistic interior and exterior appearance, especially related to choosing a house paint color dominated by bright colors. Where in the construction of this minimalist house the color game or color combination is emphasized to make this simple hunia seem more assertive and elegant.
Choosing a minimalist house paint color can indeed be done according to the taste of the owner of the house, but if the color selection is not in accordance with the concept and design of the house it will give the impression of being messy and unsightly. There are various types of wall paint colors that are sold in the market, but not all of them have the same quality, for that the choice of paint color must be right and should not be done carelessly. Where besides being able to beautify the room and the appearance of the house, the color of house paint can also make the owner of the house more comfortable and have a good mood while at home. The use of wall paint for interior and exterior is not the same, for the outside because it directly exposure to the sun and the weather, you should choose a type that is special and has resistance to mold and weather.
Tips in choosing Home Paint Colors
There are several tips for choosing the color of house paint that you should pay attention to before you start painting. Minimalist house is a home design that aims to make a broad impression on the house amid all its limitations. For that, when you want to choose wall paint for a minimalist home, the first thing you have to do is choose a bright color. And if you want more than one color to beautify the walls of your home, then choose a color combination that can reinforce the interior and exterior design of your home. In addition to these two things you also have to adjust the choice of wall paint with the weather conditions in your home.
The selection of bright house paint colors will make the appearance and impression of a minimalist home more spacious and fresh, there are several colors of wall paint that are very suitable for minimalist home designs, which include green, yellow, red and orange. Besides being very suitable for interior design, these colors are also very beautiful when you use them for painting in the outside area. But if you want to have a calm, soft and elegant home, then you can use neutral colors like beige, white or gray.
Tips for choosing the next minimalist house paint is to use a combination technique. The combination of this house's paint color can give a firmer impression, in every room in your home. You can combine 2-4 different colors. But beforehand to obtain an attractive color then simulate the color combination first with a sketch of a picture or with a computer application, to produce a solid and attractive color match. And for its application, you can provide 2-3 colors for each room in the interior, while for the exterior you can combine up to 4 colors according to your taste.
Selection of House Paint types
In addition to paying attention to the tips in choosing the colors above, you also have to pay attention to the weather and the conditions of the house in choosing paint colors. For the selection of home interior paint, you can use various types of paint, because the inside of this house does not have a direct impact on extreme weather changes. For this reason you cannot use this interior paint for the exterior of the room. For exterior paint, of course you have to pay a higher cost, because for exterior paint you have to use a special type of paint that is not easy to fade and quickly dull despite being exposed to rain, sunlight and weather changes.
Among various types of wall paint, you can choose dulux or catylac wall paint. Both types of wall paint have a wide choice of colors and good quality. In addition dulux paint colors and paintylac paint colors are also designed for minimalist homes. Dulux paint provides a variety of bright colors that are very suitable for the concept of a minimalist home, in addition to its beautiful color, Dulux paint also has good quality, is more durable, and does not fade by rain or heat.
Besides dulux paint, you can also choose catylac paint for the color of your home wall. The variation and quality of this paint is not inferior to other types of paint, besides that this catylac paint is also easy to clean from stains. For some ways to choose home paint colors, hopefully it can be useful.
Description: choosing the color of house paint cannot be done originally, and must combine the concept of home, weather and comfort to get maximum results.

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