Secret Blood Type Healthy Diet Menu B

Confused because your diet program doesn't work? Now is the time for you to switch to a blood type B diet program. Maybe some of you do not know this type of diet because it has not been medically tested, but even so, a diet based on choosing foods that are suitable for blood type is believed to have a positive impact on health and able to maximize the process of burning fat in the body. What kind of diet is intended for the owner of blood type B?
What are the Characteristics of Blood Type B?
Blood type B voters have characteristics that are quite flexible and easily adapt to the body in various natural conditions. But even so, the owner of blood type B is also at risk for diseases such as autoimmune disorders, as well as a higher risk of type 1 diabetes. Besides that they are also more susceptible to diseases caused by bacteria and viruses so that those of you who want to go on a blood type B diet must be careful in choosing a healthy diet.
Key Blood Type B Diet
Blood type B has the characteristic of being easier to digest food, so it is classified as omnivorous because it can consume all types of food. But there are some foods that should be avoided by those of you who are on a blood type B diet, which include corn and wheat because it slows down metabolism and makes the efficiency of muscle tissue decrease in burning calories which makes insulin production slow down and cause fluid retention. Besides peanuts and sesame seeds should also be avoided, because it will cause hypoglycemia or low sugar levels.
While the menu for a healthy blood type B diet that is recommended is to increase protein foods, especially goat meat or rabbit meat, while you can get vegetable protein from tofu and tempeh. While the recommended seafood includes sardines, salmon, fish eggs and avoiding seafood from crabs, lobsters and octopus. Consume nuts such as soybeans, almonds, peanuts and green beans, and consume sprout vegetables, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli and it is recommended for those of you who are on a blood type B diet to consume pumpkin vegetables, tomatoes and corn. Finally, consume fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals such as pineapple, banana, papaya, plum and wine. And like other programs, you should limit your consumption of high-fat foods.
The blood type B diet series that is no less important is to exercise regularly. For those of you who have blood type B you should choose a sport that can integrate physical and mental activities, choose a sport that you enjoy doing, and you should choose a relaxing and natural outdoor sport.
Description: Blood type B diet is not too difficult, if you follow established guidelines such as food that must be avoided and good food for body building.

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