Opened Job Vacancies at PT. Komija Manufacturing Tangerang

Job vacancies are among the most sought after by Indonesian people. For you high school graduates, SMK and S1 who are in the Tangerang area and surrounding areas who have just graduated or are looking for work, we have good news for you. Here we will provide information on job vacancies that have been updated in the Tangerang area. The following is more complete information for you
Overview of the Economic Condition of the Tangerang Region
The Tangerang area is one of the regions that is quite famous for its industrial center. As one of the cities in Jabodetabek, Tangerang has a very strategic location, it is not surprising if this area is much glimpsed by businesses both local companies and foreign companies. There are many private companies that have developed in this region. For this reason, it is not surprising if Tangerang is one of the top targets as a place to find job openings. You who are domiciled in Tangerang and surrounding areas will certainly no longer doubt the progress of the economy of this region.
Job Vacancies at PT. Manufacturing Commission
Here we will share information about the latest job vacancies coming from PT. Komija Manufacturing as a company engaged in the production of plastic material. There are several positions intended for those of you who have graduated from high school, vocational, D3 or S1. The locker info that we provide on this web is the info we get from trusted sources that we always update every day.
Some positions Job vacancies offered include:
Production operator
Machine operator
• Quality control
Admin staff
To fill this position, the qualifications needed are as follows:
• Men / women 18-28 years old
• Minimum high school / vocational education
• Experienced or fresh graduate
• Have motivation and high dedication to work
• Able to work in teams
Honest and responsible
• Discipline, communicative and creative
You who have fulfilled the various qualifications of job vacancies above, can immediately send your job application letter to PT Komija Manufacturing which is located at Jalan Jababeka 9A 18 Cibitung Wangunharja 17520 West Java with the following conditions:
Photocopy of the last diploma
• Photocopy of ID card
Curriculum Vitae
• 3x4 size photos
• Copy of KTP, SKCK, and AK / I job search cards
• And other supporting files.
In choosing a work position that you will enter, you should adjust it to the skills and competencies you have. And finally before applying for a job, make sure the job is still within the specified time limit. Thus the information on job vacancies that we can provide, hopefully the information we have conveyed can be useful and give good luck to you. Good luck and good luck ..
Description: Job vacancies are a thing that is sought after by the Indonesian people in the midst of the increasing needs of life as the economy progresses more rapidly.

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