Menstruation More Than 2 Weeks? Dangerous

Menstruation is a monthly routine for most women in productive age. This condition is very normal. But what if during menstruation or menstruation there are some abnormal conditions, such as menstruation more than 2 weeks? Is this still normal or includes a disturbance to watch out for? Lack of knowledge related to menstrual disorders often makes women feel anxious until frustrated. For this reason, on this occasion we will provide answers to your questions regarding excessive menstrual disorders.
Menstruation more than 2 weeks in the medical world is known as Menorrhagia or hypermorrhea, which is a menstrual disorder that is more than normal conditions. In normal conditions, menstruation lasts for 2-8 days in a cycle that lasts between 21-35 days with an average of 30 ml of blood per day. But if the menstrual period lasts more than 8 days with bleeding that exceeds 80 ml per day then this can be said to be a menstrual disorder that is not normal and must be watched out for.
Symptoms of Menorrhagia Disorders
There are several symptoms that can indicate someone experiencing menorrhagia. In addition to menstruation for more than 2 weeks, there are quite a few symptoms you are aware of, such as menstrual blood in the form of blood clots, anemia in menstruation due to considerable blood loss, to the large amount of blood coming out until you have to replace it every hour. If you experience several symptoms of menstruation for more than 2 weeks, you should immediately see a doctor.
Causes of Menorrhagia Disorders
There are several factors that can cause menstrual disorders for more than 2 weeks. The first factor is the presence of reprodukdi organ abnormalities such as reproductive tract infections, blood clotting disorders due to prothrombin deficiency, von willebrand disease and so on, and can be caused by organ dysfunction such as kidney failure or chronic liver disease which can result in disruption of blood clots and decreased the hormone estrogen which affects menoragia.
The causes of menstruation more than 2 weeks are due to hormonal disorders. Hormone abnormalities such as abnormalities of the thyroid gland and adrenal gland, anovulatory cycle, obesity pituitary tumor, or ovarian polycystic syndrome are endocrine hormone disorders that can cause menorrhagia. In addition there are still many factors that can cause menorrhagia such as anatomical abnormalities of the uterus caused by uterine myomas, cancer of the wall of the uterus, endometrial hyperplasia, or polyps. Not only that IUD consumption, or long-term drugs, especially anti-inflammatory drugs, chemotherapy drugs, or anticoagulant drugs can also cause the menstrual cycle to be disturbed and even excessive.
To find out the exact cause behind your period for more than 2 weeks, you should immediately see a doctor for further examination. For middle-aged women who are approaching the age of menopause, this condition is quite natural and does not need treatment, because it will heal by itself. But for those who are still in their productive age, especially if it occurs in adolescence, certainly an in-depth examination must be done. If abnormalities in the uterus are found, surgery must be performed. But if it is caused by hormonal factors, treatment therapy or drug replacement can be done to make the menstrual cycle return to normal. Thus information related to menstrual disorders that are more than 2 weeks that we can convey, hopefully can be useful ...
Description: Menstruation more than 2 weeks is a menstrual disorder that needs to be anticipated, one of which is to know the symptoms and causes to get appropriate treatment.

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