Latest Job Vacancies for Surabaya April 2019

Job Vacancies Surabaya - Welcome job seekers, you are in the right place, because we will provide a variety of latest job information for those of you who are graduates of high school, vocational, D3, S1 domiciled in Surabaya and surrounding areas who are looking for work in the city this.
The job vacancies in the Surabaya area that we provide are the latest info lockers from various sources around the city of Surabaya. But before we discuss further locker info, you certainly know that Surabaya is one of the large industrial estates in East Java besides being the capital of East Java province. No wonder Surabaya job vacancies are sought after, even by people from outside the city. The pace of the economy is quite stable and continues to increase every year, making more jobs available.
For those of you who are interested in finding a job in Surabaya, we will share the latest job openings for you. Where we get these job openings from various trusted sources that we always update every day to provide valid info for you. And this new locker consists of several professions that are tailored to the required skill categories. For those of you who have trouble getting the latest locker, we will give it to you the latest 2016 job openings which are specifically for high school graduates and equivalent, D3 and S1 in the Surabaya area. And here are the latest Surabaya job info for you.
Job Vacancies of PT. Equity World Surabaya April 2016 Latest
In the latest Surabaya job vacancies coming from PT Equity World branch Surabaya in April 2016 there are several positions offered which include:
• Information section
• Communication Section
• Section of financial consultants
Assistant manager
To fulfill one of these positions, the required qualifications include:
• Max male or female aged 30 years
• The last education of high school / D3 / S1 is selected by the company
• Have good communication skills
• open thinking
Hard worker
For those of you who fulfill the qualifications of Surabaya job vacancies above, you can immediately send a job application letter, complete with curriculum vitae, photocopy of the last diploma, photocopy of ID card, photo size 4x6 and other supporting documents to the PT. Surabaya branch of Equity World located at Graha Pacific Surabaya 6th Floor, Jalan Jenderal Basuki Rachmat No. 87-91, Embong Kaliasin, Genteng, Kota Surabaya, East Java. So much information about Surabaya vacancies that we can provide, hopefully the information related to the job vacancies that we provide can be useful and give good luck to you. Good luck..
Description: Surabaya job vacancies are something that is sought after by the people of Surabaya in addition to tourism which is enough to spoil the eyes.

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