Job Vacancies 2019 Bontang From PT. Pupuk Kaltim

One of the biggest fertilizer companies in Bontang, East Kalimantan, namely PT. Pupuk Kaltim telang opens jobs for 2015. Job Vacancies for 2015 Bontang will indeed be given to those of you who are graduates of high school, D3 and S1. Well, for those of you who are in the Bontang area and its surroundings, or for those of you who are on other islands who want to register yourself as one of the employees at PT. Pupuk Kaltim Bontang, you can listen to the following article.
PT. Pupuk Kaltim is one of the members of Persero (Pupuk Indonesia Holding Compeny). PT. This financial fertilizer does open 2015 Bontang jobs to provide employment opportunities for those who pass and want it. The following will be given the provisions of graduates needed by PT. Pupuk Kaltim in Bontang, namely:
S1 graduates
• men (majors): mechanical engineering, metallurgical engineering
• Women / men: Law, State Administration, Public Health / Occupational Safety and Health (K3), Civil Engineering, Psychology, Agriculture - Agronomy, Industrial Engineering, Chemistry, Informatics and Environment
D3 graduate
• Men: Powerline Electrical Engineering, K3, Electronics Engineering Industry, Engineering Physics, mechanical engineering design
• Women / men (majors): accounting, company management, archivists, civil engineering, trade administration, marketing management, and Informatics engineering
SMA / SLTA (SMK) / MA graduates
• Men (majors): powerline electricity, IPA (Chemical Industry), Commercial ships Nautical, Civil Engineering, and Design Departments

Of course, in registering 2015 Bontang jobs, there are conditions and requirements that must be met for those of you who will register them. The following will be given some of the 2015 work requirements in the Bontang area that you must complete, including:
General Requirements, for you Indonesian citizens must have a KTM in Bontang area, provided that:
• Birth on 24-11-1988 / afterwards for S1 graduates
• Birth on 24-11-1990 / afterwards for D3 graduates
• Birth on 24-11-1993 / afterwards for high school graduates
• For D3 and S1 GPA graduates, min 3.00 - 4.00
• For high school graduates UAN score min: MTK and Indonesian Language 7
• TOEFL 450 for D3 and S1
• Mental and physical health
• Willing to be placed with company requirements
• Free from drugs
• And have never participated in employee selection at PT. Pupuk kaltim Bontang in June-October 2014
Curriculum Vitae
• File a job application
• Copy of legalized diploma / certificate of the latest pass
• Copy legalized transcript of academic grades of S1 and D3 graduates
• Copy legalized transcript of UAN grades of high school graduates
• Copy of legalized TOEFL graduates S1 and D3
• Copy of KTP, SKCK, and AK / I job search cards
• 2 x 3x4 color photos
• Speakers are free of drugs and stamp duty
• Application formulation filled by applicants

The submission application is:
• Cover letter will be addressed to: Public Welfare Manager. & Hubind. PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur Jl. James Simanjuntak No 1 Bontang, East Kalimantan
• Acceptance of application files will be accepted during working hours, 24 November - 25 December 2014
• File storage, namely the PKT sports building Jl. Awang Long no. 1 PC VI, PT Pupuk kalitim Bontang

Well, that's information and discourse about 2015 Bontang job vacancies, hopefully the information above can be useful for those of you who read it.

Description: 2015 Bontang job openings are available and open at one fertilizer company, PT. Kalitim fertilizer by fulfilling the requirements mentioned above

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