Irregular Menstruation After Childbirth? What caused it

Childbirth is a condition of a woman. Although women experience various changes during pregnancy, the presence of a baby is the greatest gift. But various hormonal and physical changes can sometimes be a new problem, for example, resulting in irregular menstrual cycles after giving birth. This irregular menstrual cycle after giving birth sometimes makes some women feel anxious. There are a number of things you need to know about the menstrual cycle after childbirth including the underlying causes.
Postpartum Menstrual Period
Irregular menstruation after childbirth is an impact caused by the period of postpartum menstruation. In the first period of childbirth some women experience PMS accompanied by symptoms of vomiting and dizziness. This happens during the puerperium, where women who give birth experience bleeding that is similar to menstruation, but of course the period and the amount is more than the menstruation in general. This puerperal blood consists of blood, mucus and sloughed off tissue that forms during pregnancy. In general, this parturition can last for several weeks from 4-5 weeks. But there are times when the puerperium can last for up to 2 months.
In general, women will experience irregular menstruation after giving birth. The menstrual cycle in women who have given birth can begin after the puerperium period ends, but there are some cases that cause this menstrual cycle to be delayed for up to 2 months or even up to a year. So that makes women feel anxious and confused in the face of this irregular menstrual cycle. Are the menstrual cycles before and after childbirth the same ?, that's a very common question asked by women. Basically the menstrual cycle before and after childbirth is the same. What makes it irregular is the body's response to hormonal changes during pregnancy to childbirth that make the cycle and menstrual pattern change.
Causes of Irregular Menstruation After Childbirth
Irregular menstruation after childbirth is generally caused by several factors. The first factor is postpartum bleeding. The amount of blood that comes out and a long period of bleeding, indirectly also affects the menstrual cycle to be delayed. But this is a natural thing that happens, so there is no need to worry too much if menstrual irregularities are still in a reasonable stage or in accordance with the puerperal period. But if menstrual irregularities take place in a longer susceptible period of time to even more than one year, then you should immediately examine it, to diagnose the cause of menstrual irregularities that you experience.
The next cause of irregular menstruation is physical and mental conditions. After giving birth, women have weaker physical conditions, and an emotionally unstable level. This is what makes women have irregular menstrual cycles. To anticipate this. So the support of husbands is needed to maintain the emotional and mental condition of the wife. Not only that, husbands also have to take care of their nutritional needs so they can return to normal.
Irregular menstruation after childbirth is also caused by exclusive breastfeeding. When a woman is breastfeeding, the hormonal conditions are certainly very different, where nursing mothers release proactin hormones which make ovulation suppressed, so that the menstrual cycle becomes irregular. Thus the cause of the irregular menstrual cycle after giving birth, hopefully useful ...
Description: Irregular menstruation after childbirth is normal, which is caused by physical, mental factors resulting from hormonal changes that will function normally again after several months.

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