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Blood type A diet - Diet is one of the efforts made to lose weight. There are many ways to diet that can be done, ranging from healthy diets, traditional diets, rigorous exercise to the latest is the blood type diet. This type of blood type diet is one diet that is popular in the community. The diet proposed by A'Adamo is based on the effects of certain blood groups on some foods. For this reason, this type of diet was initiated to maximize diet programs and fat burning based on blood type.
Characteristics of Blood Type A
Before we discuss the blood type A diet, it is best to understand the characteristics of blood type A first. Blood type A voters have a thicker blood consistency, making them vulnerable to various chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer or diabetes. The consistency of thick blood will make blood circulation sluggish which allows accumulation of dirt on the arterial wall and results in various diseases. In addition, people who have blood type A are also more obese, especially if they consume too much fatty foods and foods that contain high carbohydrates.
Diet menu for Blood Type A
A healthy diet for blood type A is the first protein menu. For those of you who are undergoing a blood type A diet program you should choose a fish menu to meet protein needs, fish that you can consume for this diet include salmon and sardines, besides that you can also occasionally consume abalone or tuna fish. And if you want to consume meat, you can choose poultry and put it in a healthy diet 1-2 times a week. Keep in mind, you should avoid consuming eggs during a diet program, you can replace them with tempeh or tofu or processed other nuts.
As for the carbohydrate source, you can consume rice or oat meal. But carbohydrate sources from rice are more recommended for blood type A diets, besides rice and oat meals you can also get carbohydrates from corn or whole grain cereals. If you want to consume bread, you should choose bread made from rice flour and soybeans. Avoid bread that contains a lot of milk or eggs because it's not good for you.
In addition to these food menus, those of you who are undergoing a blood type A diet program are also encouraged to consume vegetables and fruits. To make this food menu you should avoid using oils that contain saturated fats and use olive oil for your cooking. Finally, consume green tea regularly. Similarly, some blood type A diet menus, hopefully can be useful.
Description: Diet Golon
gan blood A is a diet choice that is focused on avoiding various fatty foods and increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables.

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