The Most Interesting Hidden Attractions in Jogja

Yogyakarta is one of the regions in Indonesia that has stunning natural potential, so it is not surprising if Jogja is one of the favorite tourist destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists. For those of you who are bored with Jogja's tourist attractions, we will invite you to see the beauty of hidden Jogja.
Jogja is one of the most complete tourist cities and of course interesting from its natural attractions such as mountains, beaches, waterfalls, or caves, cultural tourism, education, shopping to culinary are here. Are you planning a vacation to the city of Jogja? Here are some hidden tourist attractions in the city of Jogja that you must visit, and all your fatigue will pay off with its enchanting charm.
The Most Beautiful Jogja Nature Tourism
1. Baron Beach
Want to enjoy the beauty of a natural beach? You can visit the Baron beach, located 65 km from the center of Jogja, precisely in the Gunungkidul district of Jogjakarta. Besides being able to enjoy the charm of a beautiful beach panorama with two hills that flank it you can also enjoy a variety of delicious aut dishes, hmmm can't wait to taste it?
2. Jogan Beach
A waterfall located on the sea is certainly a natural phenomenon that is very rare in the world. But in Indonesia, you can enjoy it by visiting Jogan beach which is located hidden behind the Karst hills in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. A natural charm that will be difficult to resist like an oasis in the middle of a stretch of Gunungkidul white beach that is very unfortunate to miss. For those of you who want to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of a different beach on the southern coast of Jogja this is the place.
3. Indrayanti Beach
If you are not satisfied around the southern coast of Jogja, please stop by Indrayanti Beach which offers white sandy beaches with clear waters complete with restaurants and cafes along the beach that offer a star-studded romantic dinner. Located on the east coast of Sundak, this beach presents a different beach atmosphere compared to other beaches with panoramic views of the hills lined up around it, being a good spot to enjoy the twilight until the sun returns to its fusion.
4. Goa Jomblang
One of the natural beauty of Jogja is Goa's hidden nature. One of them is Goa Jomblang which presents the beautiful light of heaven in the bowels of the earth. For those of you who like adventure, there's nothing wrong to stop by Jomblang Cave. Besides being able to test your adrenaline by going down the 70-meter rope to the bottom of the cave, you will also be spoiled with the beautiful scenery of the cave that you will get there. Don't be afraid because you will be accompanied by a guide so that the security and comfort of your vacation will be guaranteed. For this tour package to Jomblang cave you have to spend starting from 450 thousands including tour equipment and guides.
5. Arum Jeram Citra Elo
If you are on vacation in Jogja, there is nothing wrong for you to stop by your white-water rafting attraction located in the district of Magelang, precisely in the Mungkid sub-district for fun with friends and family. This water tourism spot is really right for you to try, besides being able to fulfill your adventurous desires, this arum rapids tour will also give its own impression with family and friends. In addition to arum jeram tours, your image also provides a variety of other interesting games, such as outbound rides, campsites and other water games. in addition, the location of this popular white water rafting tourist attraction is also quite close to other tourist destinations in the Magelang and Yogyakarta regions.
6. Watu Lumbung Educational Village
Bukit Watu Lumbung is located north of Parangtritis beach. If you are on vacation in Parangtritis, take your time to stop at the Watu Lumbung Hill that presents

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