Unusual Makeup Trends That You Should not Try

Beauty trends, especially makeup is very diverse, ranging from simple to slightly extreme. Like some makeup trends quoted from the Bright Side, Wednesday (19/7/2017) following. If you are not among those who dare to play with makeup colors, you should not try to do it. Curious what?

1. Lips dark and oily

To create a lip look like this, you need a very dark color lipstick, shimmering eyeshadow and lip gloss. Excessive, is not it?

2. Touch of glitter on the hair

At first glance it looks funny, but how to clean hair afterwards, huh? It must be hard work.

3. Colored eyebrows

Dare to try colored eyebrows? If indeed interested in trying this one makeup trend, simply combine with nude color lipstick.

4. Makeup 'fatigue'

Wearing makeup certainly want to cover up the shortcomings, is not it? But, this one makeup just give the look of eyes like fatigue.

5. Unicorn eyeliner

Unicorn is a trend in social media, but if you are not including people who dare to play with eyeliner model, you should not try this one makeup trend. If you do not want to look strange and eccentric.

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