Terrible, This Man Never Brush Teeth up to 20 Years

Of course this should not be replicated and very disgusting. As we know that brushing your teeth is a mandatory routine that must be done after meals and before bed. Maintaining dental hygiene is very important to avoid the damage and bad breath, but not for this British man.

Quoted from Seventeen, Tuesday (18/07/17), Jay, 21-year-old man is eliminating the habit of brushing his teeth in his life for almost 20 years. Means that if counted, Jay never cleaned his teeth since he was born. Himself also has the wrong eating habits and consume lots of soft drinks. Can you imagine yourself how dirty and damaged teeth are owned by Jay?

Jay signed up for The Embrrassing Bodies and asked his teeth to be cleaned and repaired by dentist James Russell. Eleven Jay's teeth were removed and it took five months to fix the remaining teeth.

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