Know 6 Signs of Couple Manipulate You

A healthy relationship is a collaboration between two individuals to live together. However, there are also couples who tend to manipulate you.

Unfortunately, in a relationship, often you do not realize the couple acted so. Understand it, there is love that can blind everything.

Launch from Cosmopolita, following signs that you should look at from a partner. If you find it, then the chances of the couple actually manipulate you.

1. They make you question your own sanity
When you quarrel about something really small, couples often overreact. He even said rude to you, but when protested, he actually questioned your sanity. If this happens repeatedly, then it is not impossible you also question it. Am I sane?

2. They know your strengths and weaknesses, and take advantage of them later
For example, when wanting something, he takes advantage of your weakness to impose his will. You certainly can not move because you have to fight the weakness of yourself.

3. They always want to go wherever you go
Maybe it sounds romantic, because they want to stay with you. However, they may not want you to hang out with other friends.

4. They always want to connect to the next stage, but in fact they do not do anything to make it happen
After a while, you realize that the relationship does not go anywhere.

5. You are always wrong
Or at least you think so. It's because they always blame you no matter what.

6. They say you are not a good partner if you do not follow his wish
Because he just wants his wish done in the relationship.

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