9 Things That Make a Man Not Interested in You

If you always find out what makes men interested, maybe the articles and tips out there are so abundant. On the contrary, do you know anything that can make a man not interested in you as a woman?

Reporting from, here are some things you should avoid because it can make a person no longer interested. Curious?

1. Makeup
Yes, men generally want to see a woman wearing proper makeup, not excessive or thick. Believe me, thick makeup will not make a man feel comfortable touching your face.

2. Hairstyle
Excessive hair style or too fancy also will not attract men. They prefer to see your hair is naturally loose, not sticky because of the gel or stiff because of hairspray.

3. Body hair

Men prefer a soft skin to a woman. In addition, you should also always use a moisturizer to keep the skin.

4. Oral hygiene
Anything about your mouth, whether it's bad breath or dental circumstances should also be considered to attract a man's attention. Reduce coffee or red wine.
In addition, always bring gum to keep your breath awake. You do not know when a kiss will happen, do you?

5. Alcohol
A man prefers to spend time with women who know when to have fun and when to stop, as well as drinking alcohol. No one wants to see you getting drunk, then vomiting somewhere, is not it?

6. Bad attitude

Of course, everyone wants to connect with others who have positive advantages. Reduce to complain in any place, because this will only show your bad side to everyone.

7. Habit promises
Do not get used to promising simple things. Make it a habit to issue an appointment or oath on things you can definitely handle.

8. Suspense
This should begin by getting used to listening and receiving criticism from others. Not everyone is happy with you and what you have done, so listening can be one means of knowing what other people need.

9. Spoiled nature
Too dependent on a man is not a good attitude either. A man wants a woman who needs him, not one who takes all life from him.

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