8 Popular Diet Myths Often Can Make Ideal Body Failure

How everyone's diet may be different. However, be aware that whatever diet you are living, make sure not to damage health.

It's OK if you are obsessed to be thin, but make sure the way to diet is not a myth. Well, here are some diet myths that are still considered facts to date:

1. Carbohydrates Make Fat
Still many people assume that carbohydrates make body fat. Who says it? If we eat enough carbohydrates then it will not make you fat. If the diet is rice, then replace it with potatoes and eat it with its natural fiber-containing skin. White rice can also be replaced with brown rice and wheat.

2. No Breakfast & Skip Dinner Can Be Skinny
This is just a myth! Breakfast is very important to fill your empty stomach for less than 8 hours. Not breakfast actually makes us eat less healthy snacks until lunch time. Not a dinner, but avoid a big meal before going to bed because it can upset the digestive system.

3. Avoiding Fat intake
The body also needs fat! Fat as part of the body's needs can repair damaged body cells. However, choose good fats like from avocados, nuts, and seeds. Avoid saturated and trans-fat fats such as butter and fried foods.

4. Excessive Sports Make Fast Thin
The statement is incorrect. Losing weight can not happen drastically, but done consistently. So, if you want to lose weight with exercise, routine and make it as a lifestyle. So, this is the way to a healthy and proper diet.

5. Healthy Food is Expensive
Precisely, healthy food is cheap. We can buy various vegetables in the market such as spinach leaves, mustard greens, and other vegetables. Choose fresh vegetables.

6. Hold Hungry to Lose Weight
The way to diet with hunger just makes us want to eat more and more when the meal time comes. Therefore, it is better to fill the hungry with a little portion of food or fruits.

7. Food labeled "low fat" must be healthy
Wrong, nih! Do not be easily tempted by food that says "low fat". This food actually contains another higher ingredient that is sugar.

8. Drink Ice Make Fat
Likes to drink ice? Scared fat? Nah, really! In fact, ice water can help burn calories because it can stabilize water temperature in the body. Which makes the ice water fat because we drink it with syrup.

Proper Care at the Clinic
In addition to changing lifestyles like the above tips, we can also consult with a beauty doctor for body treatments such as slimming care. With body treatments to appear slim from a trusted clinic, we will have an ideal body.

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