5 Things You Can Do to Earn Money When Retiring

At work, we still dedicate our time and effort to giving our best to the company. But when retirement comes, is it true that it is time for us to rest completely and enjoy the hard work?

Indeed many say that retirement is always synonymous with the period in which we are old, physical condition weakened, many diseases, and quickly forget. It is this suggestion that is a suggestion to encourage us to become unproductive.

In fact, not everyone experiences these conditions. Many also the brain and physical work is still well despite being retired.

If you are one that belongs to the "capable" group, there is no harm in utilizing retirement time to perform productive activities.

Not only can "kill" time and maintain health, these activities can also increase the coffers of your money after the retirement.

As quoted from, here are some activities you can do to earn an income when it is retired:

1. Become a lecturer and teach

If we have a Master degree and a myriad of work experience, use it to teach at the university as a lecturer. According to the Ministry of Technology and Education Research, the retirement age of lecturers can be extended to 79 years.

Teaching also forces us to learn and keep up to date with the latest developments. The people who studied with us may be more updated about the development of the times, but our experience could be more.

Pride certainly can arise when we see our students succeed in the future, right? The success will also be a separate portfolio for us as a teacher.

2. Consultant

Speaking of career history and challenges we have faced in the workplace, of course a retired person has many stories. Bitter sweet world of work we have felt.

Establishing a consulting firm in a particular field may be the right choice. But be sure, we become consultants in the field in accordance with our expertise and work experience.

Consultants are certainly not just business consultants, there are IT consultants, personnel consultants or HRDs, organization development consultants, public relations or PR consultants, financial consultants, and others. In essence, we will work as an advisory company or brand.

3. Business franchise or franchise

Maybe some of us have dreams of owning their own business when they retire. Can still have an income when it's not working anymore, who does not want to?

But the risk of owning your own business is also great because no one can guarantee that our business will be successful and last long. If the pension is gone for capital to create their own business, and it turns out that business failed, retirement can be bleak.

To outsmart, why not try to open a franchise or franchise business? Capital may be larger, but the risk of this business is much smaller than building its own business from scratch. Because, you will carry a trademark or brand name that is known to many people. Automatically, you will have no trouble in selling and marketing it.

4. Live a business based on asset leases

Lease-based business can also be an option. If there is an empty room in our residence, may be used to open the boarding house. Or maybe if the car or our land idle, can also be rented out.

Make sure you also know who hired these assets. Ask for guarantees from those who rent your assets for security.

5. Write a book

Not everyone can write, but if we have that ability, do not waste it. Pour all of our thoughts into a work called a book.

Scientific works such as books provide many benefits to society. Write the book according to the field we are in. After writing, choose a trusted publisher to have your work books well distributed.

Although all the above activities can bring money, of course there is a risk that we will face. Because in truth, there is nothing in this world that has no risk.

Instead of spending retirement with a blank at home and finally hit post power syndrome, better use it to do activities that we like and at the same time to the money.

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