4 Steps Eliminate Acne Scars On Face Skin

Almost everyone has acne scars, are you one of the same problematic? Sometimes, acne scars only in the form of black spots or even some can change the texture of your skin.

Do not worry, the good news, with some products and proper skin care, acne scars can be removed, as quoted from, Wednesday (19/07/2017). Curious?

1. Apply aloe vera
This plant has been used in the world of medicine for 2000 years, because it contains saponins that can protect the skin from bacteria. Use aloe vera gel twice a day to repair the damaged skin acne scars.

2. Using vitamin C
Vitamin C is considered the most effective ingredient to brighten the skin. Get vitamin C in the form of serum or fresh lemon juice.

When applied continuously, scars or acne will fade by itself. However, be careful with open wounds.

Apply sunscreen on a regular basis
Applying sunscreen on a daily basis is an important thing you should not miss. Keep skin away from sunlight continuously.

4. Visit a dermatologist
Most acne scars will disappear by itself within two months. But for some cases, you should visit a dermatologist to solve the problem of acne scars. Good luck!

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